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Germany, Amusement parks begin reopening after lifting of restrictions

Germany’s amusement parks are beginning their grand reopening after being closed for months during lockdown.

The Europa Park in the south-west of the country is among the first to resume operations on FRiday.

The park that is cited next to Freiburg was taking visitors for the first time in six months as part of a trial approved by the state of Baden-Wuerttemberg.

The amusement park claims it is Germany’s largest will be reopened to a maximum of 10,000 people per day under strict hygiene conditions. Normally, the park would host double the amount expected and in the year 2019 it held a total of 6 million visitors.

Other smaller parks that have been opened like Heide park near Soltau in Lower Saxony opened its doors on the 1st of May following a court ruling. We wrote about it here. (Germany, Lower Saxony to relax corona restrictions from Tuesday).

Other Germa parks will however have to wait. VDFU chief executive Juergen Gevers was sharply critical of the delay, terming it “unacceptable,” while zoos in some parts of the country had been open for months.

The Taunus Wunderland park to the west of Frankfurt is planning to open on June 1 to season ticket holders and to the wider public on the following day, provided that infection figures remain low. Indoor facilities will remain closed.

Large states, such as Bavaria and North Rhine Westphalia, have yet to announce plans for reopening.

Source: dpa