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Germany, all flight arrivals now require negative COVID tests

Germany now requires all passengers to provide a negative test for COVID-19 before boarding as part of the travel restrictions. The change in the directive is regardless of the risk level in the country of origin.

The new rule are in acordance with the fact Germany is goiignt through a third wave of the virus and thousands of toursts have flown away fro the Eeaster holiday or are planning to fly out.

What are the new travel rules?

  • Travellers will be required to take a COVID test before departure, regardless of the risk level in their country of origin.
  • Airlines will only be allowed to let passengers on board with proof of a negative COVID test. 
  • The test must be taken no earlier than 48 hours before departure.
  • Travellers will have to pay for the tests themselves. PCR tests and approved rapid tests will be accepted.
  • Airline crews are exempt, as well as children under 6.
  • Those returning will be required to quarantine according to the local rules set out by Germany’s 16 states.
  • The testing requirements will last until at least May 12 and could be extended.

The rules had been that only those travelling from risk or high risk areas would require a negative result test before travel but now it becomes important that everyone going into Germany produces a negative test result.

The German government is still debating the possibility of implementing a temporary ban on foreign vacations all together and a decision might be underway this week.

Source: DW