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Germany: ‘Get 1100 euros for not using your cars in Berlin’

Germany: A proposal was made to allow people to be paid 1100 euros per year for not using your car by Changing Cities movement which, in synergy with the Institute for Urban Mobility, proposes an incentive to push Berlin citizens to not us their cars in the city.

The proposal was made to make the amount of traffic in Berlin that comes to about 60,000 vehicles to reduce. Mobility expert, Andreas Knie, said that around 50% of the people in Berlin can go without driving their cars in the city and can go about more sustainable ways to get around.

Cycling, car sharing or public transport can be ways to reduce this traffic.

Do Berliners prefer public transport?

Most Berliners prefer the comfort of their own cars and a stable working public transport system might be the solutions to making it easier for them to switch to public transport.

The project has still not attained full support from the Berlin Administration as it clashes with a limited economic availability in the city with a transport system with ample room for improvement.

The goal is set to be 2027 to which Berlin might be able to completely decongest. There was a suggestion of having a day where public transport is also free for people in Berlin to be able to enjoy no fares while commuting. We wrote about it HERE: Germany: Berlin train companies offering free rides September 22.