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German authorities warn drivers about major traffic disruptions

German authorities warns drivers. Traffic fines in Germany. German authorities are warning drivers about what will happen from June 20, 2024. Drivers should get ready for major traffic disruptions due to the Euro 2024 European Football Championship and the start of summer holidays in several states.

German authorities warns drivers

Starting June 20, you should prepare for major traffic disruptions caused by Euro 2024 and the start of holidays in five federal states. Roadworks are underway on many motorways in Germany. According to ADAC, there are currently 1,263 road renovation projects in progress. Additionally, expect difficulties when crossing the German border due to stricter controls starting June 14.

Chaos on the roads in Germany starting tomorrow

Drivers in Germany must prepare for increased traffic. Holidays begin on Thursday, June 20, in Thuringia and Saxony, and a day later in Lower Saxony, Bremen, and Saxony-Anhalt. Expect traffic jams, especially on routes to popular holiday destinations.
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Traffic jams in Germany from June 20, 2024

People traveling by car in Germany these days need to be patient. The following routes are likely to be the busiest (in both directions):

  • Ring roads of Berlin, Hamburg, Cologne, Frankfurt, Stuttgart, Munich
  • National roads to and from the North Sea and the Baltic Sea
  • A1 Lübeck – Hamburg – Bremen
  • A3 Passau – Nuremberg – Frankfurt
  • A4 Kirchheimer Dreieck – Bad Hersfeld – Erfurt – Dresden
  • A5 Karlsruhe – Basel
  • A6 Heilbronn – Nuremberg
  • A7 Flensburg-Hamburg
  • A7 Hannover – Hamburg and Füssen/Reutte – Ulm – Würzburg
  • A8 Salzburg – Munich – Stuttgart – Karlsruhe
  • A9 Munich – Nuremberg – Halle/Leipzig
  • A19 Rostock – Dreieck Wittstock/Dosse
  • A24 Berlin-Hamburg
  • A45 Giessen–Dortmund
  • A61 Ludwigshafen – Koblenz – Mönchengladbach
  • A72 Hof – Chemnitz
  • A81 Stuttgart–Singen
  • A93 Inntal – Kufstein Triangle
  • A95/B 2 Munich – Garmisch-Partenkirchen
  • Ring road A99 Munich

Crossing the border with Germany has become a nightmare since June 14

Due to the Euro 2024 European Football Championship, Germany has introduced strict security measures at all borders. Controls are being conducted at all land borders, airports, and seaports. Vehicles entering Germany are checked by Federal Police officers and, in some cases, soldiers from neighboring countries. Border controls are not only at crossing points but also in the “border zone,” which extends 30 kilometers beyond German customs borders and 50 kilometers beyond maritime borders.
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Road works are underway on many highways

According to ADAC, Germany is currently carrying out road renovations in 1,263 places! The following highway closures are currently active or announced Short Term and Weekend Closures:

  • A4 Olpe – Köln in both directions, between the Untereschbach and Bergisch Gladbach-Bensberg interchanges, from Wednesday, June 19, from 10 pm to Saturday, June 22, at 5 am
  • A7 Flensburg to Hamburg between junction Schleswig/Jagel and Warder from Friday 21 June 21:00 until Monday 24 June 05:00
  • A67 Mönchhof-Dreieck towards Darmstadt near the Rüsselsheimer triangle, lane closed from Wednesday 19 June from 20:00 to Saturday 22 June until 05:00
  • Long-term bans:
    A45 Hagen – Gießen in both directions between Lüdenscheid-Nord and Lüdenscheid until further orders
    A49 Kassel to Gießen between Kreuz Kassel Mitte and Kreuz Kassel-West until the end of the year.