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EU authorities: You will not need masks to board a plane from Monday

EU lifts mask requirement on planes.

EU authorities have recommend an end to the mask requirement when boarding a plane from Monday. Could this be the same in Germany?

Many EU countries have already lifted many coronavirus measures and the decisions implantation is now based on the national regulations of the member states.

The obligation to wear mouth and nose protection at airports and during flights will be lifted in the EU from may 16th. This was announced by the EU authorities for air traffic safety European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) and for health protection EU Health Authority (ECDC).

EASA boss Patrick Ky explained that the change in requirements is in line with public transport from national authorities across Europe but is based on national regulations which differ in the EU.

According to BILD, another reason is the high number of vaccination and the generally strong immunity in the population.

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Airlines should still encourage passengers to wear masks if it is still required for public transport in the country as this is the case in Germany. wrote that Italy, France and other EU countries have already lifted corresponding corona measures. Social distancing and washing hands is still the best way to avoid contagion