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47 Nigerians deported from Germany on Frontex flight to Lagos

Deportation in Germany: 47 Nigerians have been deported in a charted repatriation by Germany on a Frontex flight. The Nigerians were flown from Vienna to Lagos.

There was a group of 13 that consisted of 5 men who had committed criminal offences and 8 people whose asylum procedures had turned out negative.

The deportation plane was holding 47 Nigerians and was coordinated by the European Border and Coast Guard Agency (Frontex).

The persons expelled from Austria were people who had not voluntarily left the federal territory within the set deadline after receiving the negative asylum rejection decision.

There were also 5 criminally convicted Nigerians who had already served their sentence and some of their crimes were; grievous bodily harm, resistance to state violence, document suppression and drug abuse.

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Kronen wrote that, ‘The Federal Office for Aliens and Asylum had ensured that the detention pending deportation was imposed directly on the offence prior to the deportation flight.’