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Covid-19, Germany eases travel restrictions on arrivals from ‘highly infected countries’

Germany News : The Health Authority in Germany announced its intention to ease travel restrictions on travellers coming from five countries where the mutated “delta” strain of the Corona virus is spreading.

The government Robert Koch Institute said that India, Nepal, Russia, Portugal and Britain, which are currently included in the list of “coronavirus mutated countries”, will be reclassified as of Wednesday, July 6, to become “highly infected countries.”

This change eases travel restrictions for those who are not residents of Germany or citizens, which means the possibility of entering German territory, provided that tests are carried out and subject to quarantine.

Travelers from “high infection” areas are also exempt from quarantine if they are fully vaccinated. But countries with mutations other than delta such as Brazil and South Africa are still included in the category of “virus mutant countries”.

Germany has introduced the category of “virus mutated countries” in an attempt to prevent dangerous new strains of the Corona virus from spreading on its soil.

For his part, German Foreign Minister Heiko Maas called for all restrictions related to the Corona pandemic to be lifted as soon as all people in Germany received an offer of vaccination. “This is expected during the month of August,” Maas said in statements to the German news agency (dpa) and the German newspaper “Süddeutsche Zeitung”: “If everyone in Germany has a vaccination offer, there will be no legal or political justification for any restriction”.

Despite the spread of the Delta.. the overall infection rate in Germany decreased

Although delta cases are on the rise, the overall infection rate in Germany has been steadily declining in recent weeks. On Tuesday morning, July 6, the German Robert Koch Institute recorded 440 new injuries in the last 24 hours.

In Germany, the total vaccinated with at least one dose approached the threshold of 47 million people, or 56.6 percent of the population. While Chancellor Angela Merkel stressed the vaccination of 80 of the total population and quickly to control the crisis.

Source: AFP