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COVID-19 Germany, eased restrictions for vaccinated people criticised as unfair to the young

German Parliament has written a draft rule that would create eased restrictions for vaccinated people and those who have recovered from COVID-19 in Germany come this weekend, but the rule has been criticised as being unfair to the young who remain un-vaccinated.

The easing of restrictions would mean lifted social-distancing rues, testing requirements and curfews for people who have been full vaccinate (READ IT HERE). The youth in Germany are still months from getting vaccinated and not even close to their first dose.

The legislation, authored by the justice minister Christine Lambrecht and approved by Angela Merkel’s cabinet on Tuesday, argues that people who have either recovered from a Covid-19 infection or been fully vaccinated against the virus must regain their basic rights because they no longer pose a threat to society.

People in this group will have been freed from the need to show a negative test before entering shops, hairdressing salons or zoos. There are also talks that they would no longer be required to quarantine after entering Germany unless the are arriving from a high risk area.

Why are the COVID-19 eased restrictions in Germany unfair to the youth?

The new rules ‘punish’ younger people who have already sacrificed their social lives to protect those at high risk in the older population for longer than a year.

Everyone shall however be asked to wear a mask at all times despite this rule.

Dr Wolfram Henn, a genetic scientist who sits on the German Ethics Council, advocated in the Berliner Zeitung newspaper for the government to prioritise children and teenagers for the next phase of vaccinations before the jab became available to all.

Source: Guardian