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Coronavirus: Nigeria calls on retired medical staff

Coronavirus threats have caused Nigeria to call on retired medical practitioners. Nigeria’s Federal Government called on retired nurses, doctors and nurses from retirement to help in the fight against the virus should it escalate.

It was made known by the Minister of Health, Osagie Ehanire, in Abuja while giving an update on the virus in Abuja.

The minister also added that he had advised that some states should issue a call for retired medical practitioners to be reabsorbed and come back for service for this particular period should the need arise.

The retired medical staff are being notified that they are in the reserve pool.

According to the minister, 44 persons have been infected with the virus. 41 are active cases , 2 discharged and only one death.

“As of this date, there are 44 cases of coronavirus in Nigeria. Of these cases 29 are in Lagos, 8 in Abuja, three are in Ogun, one in Edo, one in Ekiti, one in Bauchi and one in Oyo State.

The infected persons who have no travel history are assumed to have contact with the confirmed cases.

One death has been recorded in Nigeria on March 22nd, 2020, in Abuja. The deceased had been out of the country for treatment in the UK and upon coming back contracted the virus. The person died of underling illnesses.

Of the 42 cases in Nigeria, 2 people have been discharged after undergoing treatment successfully while 39 remain clinically stable and expressing mild symptoms.

One patient is in critical condition as is dependent on oxygen.