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Coronavirus: Germany not ready for easing restrictions

An institute in Germany has warned that easing coronavirus restriction might be a wrong move given the virus has not been fully contained yet.

It noted that the reason that there appears to have less cases of corona is because over the Easter period there was less testing and that this period should not be an indication of the rate of infection of the virus.

Officials have been quoted saying that the for weeks set of keeping schools and many factories , shops, malls and restaurants shut brought up progress in controlling the epidemic and that hospitals now have sufficient equipment. There serves a long way before everything goes back to normal in society after the pandemic.

The number of confirmed coronavirus infections in Germany has risen by 2,082 to 145,743, data from the Robert Koch Institute showed, but it was also the fourth consecutive daily decline in the tally of new cases.

Reported deaths rose by 170 to 4,642 . The death rate is far lower than other countries most seriously affected.

“We can’t speak of containment yet – we still have high numbers each day. We are seeing a slowdown,” Robert Koch Institute President Lothar Wieler told reporters.


Germans are being urge to wait patiently until the situation is contained with discipline and social distancing measures, it is estimated that the virus repsroducion or transmission rate, dubbed “R”, in Germany was about 1.2 – meaning a person with the virus infects 1.2 others on average.

Wieler said he wanted that rate to get to 1 or below.

The National Academy of Sciences Leopoldina pointed out that public life may gradually return to normal if certain measures are met and rules relaxed gradually starting with the release of school children.

This could even lead to an infection rate that stabilizes at a low level.

As the infection rate lowers it brings about anxiety as most companies are ready to get back to work as soon as it is declared safe, politician too want to manage the recession as best as they can.