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Coronavirus: Germany declares relaxing of lockdowns

The German Chancellor Angela Merkel has come to a decision to reopen all shops in Germany as part of a deal with leaders of the country’s states to ease restrictions on society caused by the coronavirus. However, general contact rues will still be in effects for a month while school will be reopened gradually this term. There were also talk of Ms. Merkel given the go ahead for the large football event the Bundesliga to be carried out and this also might be in the pipeline.

The 16 states have agreed to seize all control of the easing of the lockdown to ensure it does not spiral into another series of unprecedented deaths and new infections by the novel coronavirus in Germany. They have also promised to react rapidly to any surge in infections and a limited resumption has already began, but this would be far more widespread.

Members of two different households will be able to meet and socialise under the new decree according to reports from the talks held. Popular Bild daily newspaper announced on Wednesday that Germany was opening up again. And broadly that is what the draft deal proposes. While shops of up to 800sq m (8,600 ft.) already got the green light to reopen this new decision now allows all shops to reopen but all customers will have to aid by the rules to wear a mask at all times an also practice social distancing. Schools are already in the process of being opened as all pupils will be allowed to return to school gradually during the summer term.

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State leaders collectively agreed to take responsibility for the consequences of lifting the lockdown. Restaurants, hotels and gyms will reportedly also be allowed to reopen. But as a number of the 16 states have been less affected by the crisis than others, some are more eager to ease restrictions than others.Bavaria in the south plans to reopen restaurants on 18th May while Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania in the north plans to do that this Saturday.

The German football league, Bundesliga has also been rumoured to be in the process of reviving the green light but they will be hosted under a ‘ghost audience’ which means the games will be lacking in spectators. Games could start as early as 15th or 21st May as a two week quarantine is put in place for all the players who shall be forced into a sort of training camp.

Thomas Bareiss, Germany’s Tourism Commissioner, has held out the hope that Germans might be able to go away on holiday, to neighbouring countries and places that show a significant drop in cases, during the summer should the outbreak be able to be kept under control.

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