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Coronavirus: Germany bans meetings of more than two people

Fight against coronavirus intensifies as German authorities ban meetings of more than two people.

Authorities say such a ban makes more sense than locking people in their homes.

In her address to the nation today, German Chancellor Angela Merkel issued new regulations including a ban on meetings of more than two people.

The ban is not applicable to families and people who live together.

Under the regulations, all restaurants, cafes and service providers such as hair-dressers where a 2-meter (6.5 feet) distance between people is not possible must close.

Those who don’t live together must maintain a minimum distance of 1.50 meters between each other in public.

Companies in Germany are required to observe hygiene regulations for employees.

The new rules which will initially apply for two weeks, don’t bar those who have to travel to work and to help others. It is allowed to go for individual exercise.

Ms Merkel made it clear that the new restrictions against coronavirus were rules, not recommendations and the police will ensure that they are adhered to.

“No-one wished for these restrictions,” Merkel said. “I am convinced they will carry us through these difficult times.”