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Coronavirus: Angela Merkel extends social distancing rules

German Chancellor Angela Merkel announced that Germany would be extending its social distancing measures throughout the end of the Easter holiday break.

This was decided after a call with state leaders that approved of the action.

 The extension, which now keeps the restrictions in place until at least April 19, was agreed during a conference call between Merkel and the leaders of Germany’s 16 states.

“A pandemic doesn’t take a vacation,” Chancellor Angela Merkel said announcing an extension to Germany’s coronavirus restrictions. German residents have been urged not to travel over the Easter holidays.

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Merkel feels that a lifting of the restrictions would be too early as the virus is still not contained yet.

 “It would be much worse to do it too early, and we are still very far away from what we need to achieve,” the chancellor added.

Germans have been urged to reduce contact with other people, except for members of their household, to an absolute minimum in keeping with the existing rules, and this should be inclusive of the Easter holidays.

Residents have also been called on to forego private trips and visits with relatives during the Easter school break.

The restrictions also apply to church services. Easter is a time that families spend a lot of time together and hence this warning.

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Merkel said, the current restrictions in Germany will be reviewed again on April 14, the Tuesday after Easter.

A coronavirus tracking app has also come up as a great suggestion for monitoring those who get infected and informing others about needing to potentially get tested.

Germans are being asked to wear masks that prevent one from contracting the virus but it remains imperative that people still practice social distancing.

Merkel said that the federal and state governments are working on increasing the number of face masks available for nursing homes as well as for facilities for people with disabilities.

This could be a good time to learn how to make home-made masks.

The current measures ban public gatherings of more than two people, with exceptions for families and people who live in the same apartment or house.

Residents have also been called on to keep at least a 6 metre distance to others when out in public.