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Bodies of children found on Libyan beach after migrant boat sinks. Nobody cared for them

Several bodies of children who died after migrant boat sank have been found on a beach in Zuwara in Libya.

A tweet by the NGO Open Arms founder Oscar Camps showing the images of the children’s bodies said that they were left abandoned for at least three days.

NGO Open Arms founder Oscar Camps in a tweet said: “I am still in shock from the horror of the situation, young children and women who only had dreams and ambitions to live. They were abandoned on a beach in #Zuwara #Libia for more than 3 days. Nobody cared about them.”

The children most probably died after a boat that had left Zuwara on May 18-19 shipwrecked. At least 50 people were on board with children and women. There are only 33 known survivors.

The boat that had left the Libyan port of Zuwara on Sunday reportedly heading for Europe sank off Tunisia.

This sad scene shows exactly what happens to the forgotten and the abandoned, the people who embark on the so-called journeys of hope but fail to make it. Poor children, men and women who deserved to live and get refuge.

As the NGO Open Arms founder Oscar Camp wrote, these are the “Abandoned bodies. Forgotten lives. Horror kept away from disappearing.” Europe should be ashamed for not making it possible for people seeking asylum to come here legally.