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Berlin to offer COVID-19 vaccinations to children 5 to 11 in schools and museums

Children in Berlin who are between five and eleven years old will be able to receive corona vaccinations not only in the vaccination centers, but also in schools and museums.

The new initiative will kick-off on 15th December 2021. German Press Agency (dpa) reported that the children will be able to receive the vaccine in schools from December 15 to 17 in the afternoon and all day on December 18 and 19. “The exact times will be given when booking,” the authorities said.

The second vaccinations will be scheduled three weeks later at the same locations.

Currently vaccinations are provided in separate children’s vaccination booths in the corona vaccination centers in Messe and Tegel.

In the new ICC vaccination center which only opens on Wednesday, there will also be separate cubicles for children.

The mobile vaccination teams will also be available at the Natural History Museum from December 15 to 17 in the afternoon and all day on 18th and 19th December to vaccinate children who are five to eleven year old. Children who will be vaccinated here will be able to return to the same location for the second vaccination three weeks after the first dose.