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BEFFTA Awards founder Pauline Long: Reach out to others and offer them support during COVID-19

Dr Pauline Long, the Founder of BEFFTA Awards, urges all to reach out to others and offer them support during COVID-19.

The philanthropist and media mogul said it was important to connect with people in all parts of the world during these Covid-19 challenging times.

Dr Long recorded a heartfelt message to the world urging people to reach out for another and not treat anyone as a stranger.

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As a strong crusader and agent of human love, she believes that more than ever, now is the time humanity must practice generosity if not through words then through action.

Dr Long said: “The past 11 months hives been tough for many of us, we have lost our loved ones, we have lost our colleagues, we have lost our friends, but still we are here. So today I just want to send messages of hope, I know words can’t heal where people are hurting but messages of hope can warm the heart.”

She added: “This is not the time to be alone, technology has made it easy for us, so reach out. Do not sit in the corner on your own, talk to someone.”

Dr Long founded BEFFTA Awards 12 years in the UK. This is Europe’s biggest award ceremony celebrating black and ethnic personalities in entertainment, film, fashion, television and arts.