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Austria: 20 Nigerians accused of selling drugs in Carinthia- only one confessed

In the large-scale drug trial against a total of 20 defendants at the Klagenfurt Regional Court, 20 Nigerians were accused of selling drugs in Austria, Carinthia. The first verdict surprisingly came on Wednesday evening, one of the defendants, a 22-year-old Nigerian, was the only one to confess. 

He was found guilty by a jury chaired by Judge Alfred Pasterk and sentenced to three years and ten months in prison. The judgement is not final, there’s another case we covered of Nigerians in Austria who were accused of being delinquents here>>.

His contribution to the establishment of the truth also benefited the hitherto innocent man, who had partly committed the deeds as a young adult, and the penalty in his case was between one and 15 years. 

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Why were the 20 Nigerians accused of selling drugs in Austria?

On the other hand, the court did not want to trivialise the acts, after all, the 22-year-old was a member of a criminal organisation and had dealt with a large amount of drugs. The man accepted the verdict, prosecutor Daniela Zupanc made no statement.

The trial of the remaining 19 defendants will continue on Thursday. There are numerous interrogations of witnesses on the plan, the further judgements were not expected before January 2021.