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Attack in Norway: Many killed and wounded, the perpetrator was using a bow and arrow

Attack in Norway:  In the city of Kongsberg, a man killed several people with a bow and arrows and injured many others on Wednesday.

October 14, 2021 update at 12:00 PM 11.56: Ole Bredrup Saeverud of the Norwegian police confirmed earlier media reports that the detained 37-year-old Danish citizen was known to the police for the radicalization. “This person converted to Islam,” said Saeverud. At the same time, he admitted that it was too early to say that it was the motive of the attack.

The victims of the attack in Norway are four women and one man between the ages of 50 and 70.

The Norwegian news agency NTB quoted the police claiming that the suspect was also using other weapons. The police informed that there had been a confrontation between the officers and the attacker during the arrest. However, no more details were given.

Police spokesman Øyvind Aas said: “We will come back to a more detailed description of what happened when we have a better picture of what happened …”.

– The suspect cooperates with the police, provides detailed information about the incident – informed the lawyer of the detainee Fredrik Neumann on public television NRK.

October 13 at 21.32 “The man has been detained. According to the current state of knowledge, the perpetrator acted alone, “Oeyvind Aas, the head of the local police, reported Reuters.

There is currently no precise information on the number of victims and wounded, nor on the motives of the attack.

Attack in Norway: The perpetrator has been arrested

Kongsberg is a small town with approximately 28,000 inhabitants. It is located about 66 km southwest of Oslo.

Source: Reuters