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Germany: Another attack on a gas station employee who told a customer that he was missing a mask

Attack on a gas station employee in Germany: This time a 21-year-old customer severely beat a 67-year-old employee of a gas station in Bremen!

On October 20, at the Aral gas station on Stapelfeldstrasse in the Gröpelingen district of Bremen , the 21-year-old severely beat a 67-year-old gas station worker who told him he was missing a mask.

According to police information, a young man entered a store at a gas station without a face mask and wanted to pay the bill for the fuel. The 67-year-old gas station employee reminded the customer of the requirement for a mask in the store.

As reported by BILD , it was enough for the driver to go berserk. After a verbal argument, the client left the checkout area and returned a little later with the mask on. He walked over and hit the 67-year-old who fell. He then kicked the shop assistant lying on the ground several times, then ran out of the store and ran away in the car.

After a few hours the store clerk reported to the police. He will now be responsible for the battery, property damage and theft.

Another attack on a gas station employee in Germany

This is the third attack in a month against gas station employees in Germany who pointed out to customers about the lack of a mask.

On September 18, at the gas station wIdar-Oberstein (Rhineland-Palatinate), a 20-year-old cashier was shot to the head by a customer. A customer killed him after the cashier noted the lack of a mask and refused to sell the beer.

In early October, a 56-year-old woman told the owner of a gas station in Essen that she would kill her after she told her to wear a face mask when shopping at the store. 

After the fatal attack on an employee of a gas station in Idar-Oberstein in mid-September, police are taking very seriously any threats in disputes over compliance with the masking requirement, reports the daily Spiegel. The police said in their announcement that anyone who feels threatened should call the emergency number immediately.