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Special message for Africans in Europe from Jesty B, Germany-based Nigerian musician

Life is quite difficult for emerging African musicians in Germany. Most of the time promoters ignore them, preferring to import musicians from African countries for shows, says Jesty B, a Nigerian musician based in Ibbenbüren, Germany.

Jesty B encourages Africans in Europe to love and support each other
Jesty B encourages Africans in Europe to love and support each other

“As an African musician here you most work very hard so people can know you because promoters don’t like to help upcoming artists. They ignore talented African musicians in Europe,” he says.

He however feels happy that people love his music. Jesty B plays Afrobeat, Dancehall, Makosa and Hip hop.

He mainly sings about love, though once in a while he criticizes some bad behaviours in the society.

For instance in his latest song “Blow papa” ft Sking, a German rapper, Jesty B condemns old rich men who run after young girls. “Unfortunately this happens because they have money which many of our young girls are looking for,” he says.

Jesty-B-Blow-PapaIn his “Kalangolo Love”, Jesty B tells the woman he loves that he can’t do without her. “The love I have for you is bigger than the ocean, because of you I can’t do anything, all I think of now is just you,” he sings.

He encourages people to be playing love songs to their partners to make them feel important and appreciated. He each person, he says, feels nice to be told by the loved one “you are my everything, I can’t do without you.”

Jesty B has a special message for Africans in Europe: “You should always remember why you came to Europe, and please love and support each other. I feel so sad to see black people fighting each other.”

His next song “From Nothing to Something” will be released next month.
By Stephen Ogongo Ongong’a

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