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Legendary Orchestre Les Mangelepa to thrill fans in Germany

Orchestre Les Mangelepa from Kenya is coming to Germany for a special concert at the Berlin Urban Spree – Berlin.

Evany Kabila Kabanze, Kalenga Nzaazi – Vivi and Lutulu Kanicky - Macky
Evany Kabila Kabanze, Kalenga Nzaazi – Vivi and Lutulu Kanicky – Macky

The band is in Europe to celebrate 40 years on stage. Apart from Germany, Orchestre Les Mangelepa will also perform at various festivals in the Czech Republic, Belgium, Poland, Netherlands and Switzerland.

Orchestre Les Mangelepa has released some of East Africa’s best-loved songs including “Nyako Konya”, “Embakasi”, “Maindusa”, “Walter” and “Safari ya Mangelepa”.

The band formed in 1976, derived its name from ‘Mangelepa’, a dance that had been invented by founding member Kabila wa Kabanze Evany.

Orchestre Les Mangelepa was one of the most influential bands in Kenya from 1970s to 1980s. Their music wowed people. Now 40 years later, their music is listened to even more.

“Shindano ya Moto”, Orchestre Les Mangelepa’s style is a distinct beat exploring the Congolese Rumba, Cuban Salsa and Chakacha from Coastal Kenya.

Being an Orchestra, Les Mangelepa is equipped with top vocalists, guitarists, Drummers, pianists and tenor & alto saxophonists.

The surviving members from the original Mangelepa are Kabila wa Kabanze Evany, Nzazi Kalenga Kibawa Vivy and Kaniki Lutulu Macky.

To see these legendary musicians on stage and to dance to their music, please make sure you to go Urban Spree, Revaler Str. 99, 10245 Berlin, on 6th July 2016.

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