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How much do you have to earn to be happy? Researchers have an answer

How much you need to be happy. Researchers conducted a study to determine the income level at which Germans feel happy. Surprisingly, it’s found to be close to the average income. Additionally, the study also provides insights into the income threshold at which people experience a sense of peace and happiness.

How much do you need to be happy?

In Germany, individuals aiming to “purchase happiness” have a reasonably high probability of success. A study conducted in the country unveiled the income threshold associated with experiencing happiness. As reported by the “Focus” website, which disseminated the analysis findings, reaching this threshold is relatively attainable in Germany.
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The research revealed that earning adequate income to afford housing, vacations, and unexpected expenses is sufficient for attaining happiness. However, excessively high incomes do not lead to further increases in life satisfaction. The study pinpointed the income level in each country beyond which additional money does not contribute to greater happiness. The outcomes are indeed remarkable.

Germany ranked in the middle

According to “Focus,” the income threshold for happiness in Germany is approximately EUR 76,000 per year, positioning the country in the middle of the European ranking.

The Scandinavian countries have the highest costs for happiness, with Norway at approximately EUR 109,000, followed by Denmark (EUR 89,000), Finland (EUR 87,000), and Sweden (EUR 81,000). However, it’s worth noting that residents of these countries generally earn more than Germans.
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In Central and Western Europe, countries like France (around €74,000), Austria (€79,000), and Belgium (€79,000) have comparable costs for happiness on similar incomes to Germany. Spain (€62,000) and Italy (€67,000) have slightly lower costs for happiness, but their average incomes are also lower.

Eastern Europe offers relatively inexpensive happiness, with the Czech Republic requiring incomes of EUR 27,000 and Poland EUR 21,000 for happiness. The lower prices of happiness in these regions reflect their lower average incomes, as reported by “Focus.”