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Where pregnant immigrant girls in Germany can find help

For pregnant immigrant girls in Germany (or asylum seekers), knowing that they are expecting a child can make their life in a new country even more stressful. However, the German state and a variety of charities offer support to expectant mothers.

When pregnant in a foreign country it remains paramount that you seek out the right kind of help from the right people. Some amenities are covered by the state, these are; health care and child care etc.

Youtuber CarisMandy who lives in Germany, but is from Zimbabwe takes us through the process that pregnant immigrants in Germany can undergo to get help.

“The legal situation in Germany is comfortable and favours pregnant women and girls during this period.” says Caris Mandy.

This relieves the burden on one having a child and lacking in funds and means.

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There is an organisation that helps women and young girls who are pregnant called Pro Familia that helps women with doctor’s appointment, check-up and everything that is necessary to make sure you have a safe pregnancy.

CarisMandy adds that another organisation that is sponsored by the Catholic Church is Caritas, the organisation sets up one’s appointments too and also funds general expenses the woman might occur during this trying time.

There are options that also cater to those women who do not seek to keep the child to full term and prefer to have an abortion.

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It is legal in Germany to have an abortion if the child is not developed further than 12 weeks and for this process the pregnant woman is given counselling in order to determine if the abortion is the best choice.

The state can also pay for your abortion in Germany should you not have the means to facilitate the process but women are often encouraged to give up the child for adoption should you want to do so.

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The organisation Pro Familia, will assist in the process of the abortion and in so doing making sure you are safe and secure.

CarisMandy adds that, “Caritas, as it is funded by the Catholic Church that does not support abortion, does not offer this service.”

Germany as a state facilitates the steady graduation from birth to the point at which one gives up the child to the state for adoption.

The woman can choose to not see the child, or hold the child or just have the child for a moment before it is taken away.