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VIDEO: What you must know before applying for asylum in Germany

If you plan to apply for asylum in Germany, then you have to watch the following video in order to understand how to go about the process.

The video introduces the “Integrated refugee management” concept of the Federal Office for Migration and Refugees (BAMF).

Divided into three chapters, the video uses attractive illustrations to show the various phases which asylum-seekers go through in Germany until they complete the process. It also shows how the different procedural stages processed by the authorities involved are interlinked.

Chapter 1 is dedicated to arrival and registration of asylum-seekers. It shows the stages ranging from arrival at the border, registration by the Federal or state police and the transfer of asylum-seekers to a reception centre. It also shows the advantages of the “proof of arrival” card for asylum-seekers.

Chapter 2 is dedicated to the asylum process. It shows how the entire asylum process takes take place under one roof in the reception centre – from the application, the interview and the collection of information, through to the notification of the decision. Depending on the decision that is taken, the asylum-seeker is transferred from the reception centre to his or her future place of residence, or remains in the waiting zone until being returned.

Chapter 3 is dedicated to integration, transfer or return of the asylum seeker. It illustrates the various integration activities available including the Federal Office’s integration courses, job counselling at the Federal Employment Agencies, etc. This section also shows the procedure for returning asylum-seekers whose applications have been denied.


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