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What is Training Allowance in Germany and how to apply for it

In Germany the government grants vocational training assistance (Berufsausbildungsbeihilfe – BAB) not only during but also for the duration of a work preparation scheme.

This includes preparation for a subsequent acquisition of a lower secondary school-leaving certificate or a similar school-leaving certificate.


Apprentices not living with their parents during their vocational training are entitled to vocational training assistance.

The vocational training assistance is aimed at
– Overcoming economic difficulties that stand in the way of suitable professional qualification
– Supporting a balanced labour market
– Securing improvement of labour mobility
– Supporting and complementing the assistances of vocational guidance, especially in cases of supra regional placement for reasons of balance

How to apply for vocational training allowance
Please note that you cannot receive vocational training allowance if you don’t apply for it.

You must file the application with the Employment Agency of the area in which you have your residence or habitual abode.

If the application for vocational training assistance is filed after the beginning of the vocational training or preparation scheme, it is paid retrospectively as of the beginning of the month of application at the longest.

You can easily apply for the vocational training support grant by clicking here.

This article has been prepared using information provided by the Federal Employment Agency (Bundesagentur für Arbeit – BA)