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Moving with your children? Here are 5 tips on transitioning to life in Germany

Here are 5 tips on transitioning to life in Germany.

Guides to living in Germany. Germany offers children an abundance of opportunities and experiences they will never forget. However with any major changes in life, moving to a new country takes some getting used to. Here are some tips to help your children adjust to living in Germany.

1.Talk to your kids about the move well in advance

Talking to your children about plans for moving abroad is important, this will give them the time and space to mentally prepare for the big change as well as feel part of the decision making process. Also if possible, it would be a great idea to plan a trip to Germany on holiday together before the big move. This will allow your children to get a feel for the place and hopefully get them excited for the move.

2.Research to better answer any questions they may ask

Your children are likely to have several questions about the move depending on their age. Conduct your own research in advance on topics relevant to them, so as to be prepared to answer questions they may have. Such questions include: the neighbourhood your relocating to, schooling, extracurricular activities and so on. Being prepared with all information on the move will put your children’s minds at ease.

3.Form friendships with other families to encourage your children to make friends

It’s natural to want to get your children settled into life in Germany as soon as possible. However, it is important to give them time to adjust, try not to do too much at once.

School creates a natural environment to make new friends, at the same time allowing everyone plenty of time to adjust. You can also connect with other migrants through forums or social media platforms, this will give your children an idea of how others like themselves are settling into life here as well.

If you make friends with other families, it’s easier for your kids to also make new friends with their kids. And if they can see you’re settling in well, it’s likely that they will too.

4.Be patient

Moving to a new country is a big step for everyone, so remember to be patient with yourself and your children as you both are settling into your new lives. Its advised to keep things simple at first and continue to do the activities you did as a family before moving abroad. Most importantly, allow your children and yourself enough time to get familiar with the language, culture and way of life.

Search for parks and playgroups, this can help your children socialise with other kids depending on their age. Looking for child-friendly activities and play dates for your children is one of the most effective methods to assist their transition into their new environment. 

5.Keep a positive attitude

Your children may be afraid or sad about leaving home, so its important to maintain a cheerful appearance and remind them of the many exciting possibilities a new country brings. Keep them focused on the benefits and make sure they are aware you’re there for them at all times. Discover with them the various aspects of Germany like the German culture, language and lifestyle. Try out traditional foods at the local restaurants and go ut frequently to encourage interactions with other people.

If you’re enthusiastic about your new life in Germany, it’ll rub off on them as well.

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