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New rules for drivers in Germany from 2022: Mandatory face masks, higher fuel prices and exchange of driving licenses

New rules for drivers in Germany from 2022: The New Year brings some changes for road users in regards to new regulations set that will affect the everyday life of all residents of the country.

Changes for drivers in Germany in 2022.

From January, drivers will have to dig deeper into their pockets should they need to refuel using gasoline or diesel. In addition to this, from 2022 face masks will become mandatory in every car – they will have to be kept in the first aid kits. Here’s what’s changing with road traffic rules:

Changes for drivers in Germany: Diesel and Petrol become more expensive

The price of fuel will become more expensive at 8.4 cents and Diesel will also be 9.5 cents more expensive.

The price of the fuel at filling stations will also depend on the development of the oil price. Many people with low incomes will receive the brunt of the burden as they will be dependent on affordable private cars with combustion engines for many years to come.

Changes for drivers in Germany 2022: Mask requirement in first aid kits

ADAC reported that there will be compulsory carrying of masks in first aid kits. It should also contain two mouth and nose covers but it still remains unclear when the new regulation will come into effect and also, when the two mask will be required to be in your car.

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Changes for drivers in Germany 2022: New driving assists

From July 6th, new car types must be equipped with additional assistance systems. For example, the ISA (Intelligent Speed ​​Assistance) is then mandatory, which should warn if the ones’s required speed is exceeded wrote

Other driving assists that will be required are; reversing assists, emergency braking assistance as well as a drowsiness warning system.

Trucks will become safer: The turning assistant will be mandatory for vehicles over 3.5 tonnes from 2022.

From July 2024, all new vehicles will be equipped with the driving assistants.

Germany: Important changes for motorists in 2022, Old driving licenses must be exchanged

People in Germany born between 1953 – 1958 will need to replace their driving licences and Jürgen Grieving from ADAC stated the exchange period for them is only until January 19, 2022.

Due to the country being in a pandemic the ministers of transport announced that the fines will be enforced after July 19th 2022.

Source:, ADAC