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Important Update: Changes in March 2024 Kindergeld and Kinderzuschlag Payment Dates

Kindergeld – Child benefits in Germany. Kindergeld payment dates March. The disbursement of funds from the Family Benefits Fund does not occur on the same day each month for beneficiaries. The specific date is contingent upon the last digit of the Kindergeldnummer (Child Benefit Number). Kindergeld, or child benefit, is an allowance provided to all children, including those residing abroad.

In 2024, the family allowance amounts to EUR 250 for each child. Additionally, some parents may be eligible for extra funds through Kinderzuschlag, an additional benefit alongside Kindergeld. Kinderzuschlag is available to families who, while not particularly affluent, are self-sufficient and do not receive social benefits. The amount of the Kindergeld supplement is determined by your income, and as of 2024, it has seen a significant increase. These are the payment dates for Kindergeld and Kinderzuschlag in March 2024.

Kindergeld in Germany in 2024

In 2024, the child benefit remains unchanged from the previous year at EUR 250 per month for each child. However, starting in 2025, the family allowance is set to be replaced by a completely new benefit known as Kindergrundsicherung (basic child allowance). This transition is expected to enable some parents to receive more than EUR 600 per month per child, representing an increase in the financial support provided.
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Kindergeld benefit is available to:

  • Children up to 28 years of age
  • Children in school up to 25 years of age
  • Unemployed children up to 21 years of age

Payment of Kindergeld (Child benefit) in March 2024

Due to weekends and public holidays, it’s important for beneficiaries to be aware that there might be occasional delays in benefit payments throughout the year. In Germany, there is no guaranteed specific date for Kindergeld payments. Instead, the payment schedule depends on the last digit of the Kindergeldnummer. Beneficiaries with the last digit 0 receive their payment at the beginning of the month, followed by those with the last digit 1, and subsequent payments for the last digit 2. Individuals with the last digit 9 in their Kindergeldnummer receive their benefits at the end of the month.
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Kindergeld payment dates in March 2024

The date on which the Kindergeld will be transferred to the account depends on the last digit of the Kindergeldnummer. Here are the payment dates in May:

  • Last digit: 0 – 5 March
  • Last digit: 1 – 6 March
  • Last digit: 2 – 7 March
  • Last digit: 3 – 8 March
  • Last digit: 4 – 12 March
  • Last digit: 5 – 13 March
  • Last digit: 6 – 14 March
  • Last digit: 7 – 15 March
  • Last digit: 8 – 19 March
  • Last digit: 9 – 20 March

Addition to Kindergeld in 2024

An addition to Kindergeld, known as Kinderzuschlag, is a monthly supplement provided to families in Germany. The allowance amount is contingent on the family’s income. Starting from January 1, 2023, following the implemented increase, Kinderzuschlag can be up to EUR 250 per month per child. This child allowance is accessible to parents with a moderate income.