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How to Apply for German university straight from Kenya step by step

Christine Ndolo is a Kenyan studying in Germany who joined Ruth Qym on her you tube channel to take people (mostly Kenyans as she speaks in Kiswahili during the video) through the steps it takes to get to become a student in Germany. She narrates her experiences in what she went through to get to Germany and how it can be made as easy as possible. Here’s a list or requirements you might need to stay ahead during the process.

She advises that one acquires a passport as you’ll need one even before you gain access to the country. Your passport must be up to date and this must be presented at the visa application office. Christine also adds that having the necessary funds is also very important because it well checked when you want to gain access into the country without a sponsor or an invitation letter.

“How will you live if you don’t have money for accommodation , travel, day to day living.”

The you tuber talks about the advantages she achieves while being a student in Germany in that her cost of travel is catered for by the school and thus she doesn’t incur a travel cost. She only incurs extra cost when she takes a different kind of train. she insists on the learning of the language to make your work and your life easier while in the country. You will require to learn the German language purely to make your life easier. Communication with Germans and offices in Germany is something you’ll need to do so it is best to learn a bit of the language to get by.

Some universities offer courses in English and these are important to look into to avoid registering for a university course in German and you are not proficient in the language. The youtuber talks about a lot of preparation and time when applying to the university in that some documents could be needed in the physical and hence you need to send them to Germany via post and wait.

She talks about the entire process in detail and it might just be best to watch her video to understand the process. Enjoy!