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High-paying jobs in Germany that don’t require a high school diploma

High-paying jobs without diploma. Working in Germany. Study, work, and earn money—this is the typical path. Usually, no education means no job, and no job means no salary. School qualifications are crucial for choosing a career. However, not everyone enjoys studying, attending school, or taking exams. Fortunately, there are opportunities for those without school qualifications.

Some jobs don’t require prior training. Many industries in Germany need unskilled workers for tough or unpopular tasks. These jobs often don’t pay much, but that’s not always the case. You can earn well even without a degree. Here are some areas where this is possible.
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High-paying jobs in Germany: You can get a job in these fields

Many employees have advanced in companies after starting at the bottom. Employers often value outstanding achievements, commitment, and talent more than a degree. Working without a school qualification requires finding a job that relies on skills, experience, or practical abilities. Sometimes, job seekers receive training to learn the necessary skills. A good salary is also possible without formal education. Here are some areas where jobs or training are available without a Leaving Certificate:

  • Trades such as carpenters , plumbers, masons, electricians, painters
  • In agricultural work , such as farmers, gardeners, orchardists
  • Cleaning services such as cleaners, caretakers, building cleaning
  • Trade and services , such as delivery truck drivers, truck drivers, courier services, security guards
  • Work in the kitchen or catering , such as kitchen assistants, pizzerias
  • Crafts and creative professions , such as artists, craftsmen, photographers or designers

High paying jobs without high school diploma

However, there are significant differences in jobs available without a school degree, especially in terms of salary. According to “Career Bible,” the following professions without formal training are considered the most profitable:

  • You employ scaffolding construction workers with a salary of approximately 2,916 euros
  • Temporary workers with a salary of approximately 2,808 euros
  • Painter with a salary of approximately 2,400 euros
  • Carpenter with a salary of around 2,384 euros
  • Call center agent with a salary of approximately 2,301 euros
  • Dispatch employees with a salary of approximately 2,182 euros
  • Security employees with a salary of approximately 2,083 euros
  • Warehouse clerk with a salary of around 2,069 euros
  • Professional drivers with a salary of around 2,099 euros
  • Parcel delivery man with a salary of approximately 1,977 euros

Jobs like garbage truck driver, waiter, cook, or barber can also offer a good monthly salary. If you’re unsure whether a career is right for you, internships can provide a chance to try different jobs.
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No degree but risky jobs

But there are also less common jobs that don’t require a school degree and can pay well. These jobs often need special security checks, acceptance of high risk, or other challenging conditions. Because of this, there is usually little competition and high salaries, according to Some of these jobs include:

  • Oil Driller/Rig Worker
  • stunt
  • Miner
  • Commercial diver

No school qualifications needed to invest in the stock market

Even in this case, you don’t need a school diploma. By investing small amounts in the stock market through ETFs, funds, or shares, you can potentially earn good money. However, it’s important to remember that there is always a risk of losing money as well.