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Germany: Payment of Kinderfreizeitbonus in August

A one-time bonus of €100 will be paid out in August. It is to be enjoyed by low-income families. The benefit is intended to compensate for the effects of the coronavirus pandemic.

In August 2021, the Kinderfreizeitbonus Child and Youth Holiday Bonus will be paid out . 100 euro for each child will go to families in need and low-income families. The one-off allowance was adopted by the Bundestag in June 2021 and is intended to compensate for the effects of the coronavirus pandemic, which prevented children from attending school, meeting peers, developing their interests, etc. for many months.

Families will benefit from it:
– receiving Hartz IV benefit,
– entitled to housing allowance (Wohngeld),
– entitled to Kindergeldzuschlag,
– people receiving benefits under the Asylum Seekers Benefits Act.

The federal government has allocated 270 million euros to new aid. Most families do not need to submit a separate application for this. 

Kinderfreizeitbonus will be paid automatically to families receiving Child Benefit , Housing Benefit or Social Assistance from their Familienkasse in August.

However, families who only receive housing allowance (Wohngled) and do not receive Kindergeldzuschlag, as well as families that receive social assistance (Sozialhilfe) must submit an informal application to their respective Familienkasse.