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How to book a journey on a German ICE train for €14.30, or less

Free Berlin ticket

Life in Germany. Germany’s main rail operator Deutsche Bahn launched a new deal for small traveller groups which will provide ICE tickets for less than €15. Here’s how you can take advantage of the offer.

The Deutschlandticket is set to launch in May, giving public transport users the chance to travel all over the country for just €49 a month. Theoretically, you could weave your way from Freiburg to Hamburg using the ticket – but with no long-distance trains included in the offer, you can expect to be travelling for quite some time.

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If you should so happen to be a person who prefers the comfort and speed of the ICE train, you’ll be pleased to know that Deutsche Bahn is also launching a limited time offer that will get people across Germany for just €14.30.

Labelled the ‘friends discount’, it will be available for groups of three or more which is perfect for those people who enjoy.

Here’s what you need to know about the deal:

What exactly is the ‘Friends Discount’? 

The ‘Friends Discount’ is a new promotion from Deutsche Bahn that gives small groups an extra 20 percent off their ticket price. 

The extra discount only applies if you book DB’s Super Sparpreis or Sparpreis tickets. These are the cheapest tickets available for long-distance travel and generally need to be booked at least a few weeks in advance. 

Normally, Super Sparpreis tickets cost €17.90, but if you’re booking for a group of 3-5 people while the offer is running, you can each get a one-way ticket for €14.30. That means that, for example, a return journey from Munich to Berlin this summer would set you back €28.60 per person if you’re travelling with a couple of friends. 

Sparpreis tickets, meanwhile, generally cost €21.90 and come with a travel card that’s valid at your end destination as well as more flexible terms and conditions. With the Friends Discount, each member of your group could get one of these for €17.50 – or a return for €35.

Normally, there are special Super Sparpreis offers for seniors and young people. These will still be available while the promotion is running but unfortunately aren’t eligible for the Friends Discount.

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Can I also use my BahnCard discount? 

Yes! If you have either a BahnCard 25 or a BahnCard 50, you can get an extra 25 percent or 50 percent off your travel respectively.

People with a BahnCard 50 could potentially get a single Super Sparpreis ticket for just €7.15 with the Friends Discount, while BahnCard 25 holders can buy their ticket for €10.70.

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Do children travel for less? 

Yes. Children under the age of six always travel with you for free, while children aged 6-14 travel for free if they’re accompanying someone aged 15. 

There are limits on the number of older children you can take with you, though. You can travel with up to four children between the ages of 6 and 14, but they have to be included on your ticket when you make the booking. 

If more children are travelling alongside you or younger teenagers are travelling alone, they generally pay half the adult price. 

How long is this deal running for?

Deutsche Bahn launched its Friends Discount on April 1st, and it’s available on any tickets purchased until June 10th. Just be aware that you won’t get the extra discount if you book in person, so try to arrange your travel online (or on the DB Navigator app) if you’ve got a group trip coming up.

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Is this available on any train?

No. You’ll notice that the Sparpreis and Super Sparpreis tickets are generally only available on trains that are not in particularly high demand, like services running early in the morning or later at night.