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Germany coronavirus: When can I drive into Germany if I want to visit from Austria?

Many people have been wondering when they will be able to visit Germany if they have friends and relatives there. Travelling from Austria to the state of Bavaria is common practice and a lot of people have relatives and loved one who live across. So when can you be allowed to drive across the border with the coronavirus lockdown measures?

Since the beginning of the coronavirus crisis in Bavaria and Austria, the border between the two countries has been dense but starting May there will be a few first in the loosening of the lockdown measures to allow relatives. There might also result a few rules for when one is visiting parents or a life partner in Austria.

There is a new immigration rule for people who live in Germany that was made law on the first of May, this law was made to allow people who have relatives in Austria and want to visit but wonder when they can drive into Germany. Many border crossings are fully closed as per directives caused by the coronavirus pandemic and so in an administrative and personnel expenses of the German government Federal police, and the Austrian police, there will be controlled entry at a few open checkpoints.

Minister of Bavaria State, Markus Söder, announced far reaching relaxations in the coronavirus rules in Bavaria recently. Many border crossing were full closed ordering to the basis of the refugee crisis but the controls are a bit better now as he Austrian border to Bavaria had to reinforced from zero and people crossing now have to go through newly created application section of the border of the country.

Long time travel to visit family

If you should want to travel for a long time you would have to go through security checks, the checks have a long waiting time ranging between 45 minutes to one hour, especially at the Walser Mountain, and are said to be cramped and uncomfortable. To cover enough ground, official are being supported by the police and the Austrian federal army.

Commuters and delivery vehicles have been allowed to operate longer hours

Can family and partners be allowed to visit?

Family and partners are allowed to visit but officials face challenges in that they need to deal with individual cases to arrive at a decision which rely on interpretation of reason for travel and relationship the person has. For people in Bavaria and Germany with relatives or partners in Austria, normally you would only be allowed with a medically certified corona-freedom pass or a 14 day quarantine pass across the border but now various exceptions have been made. Only under specific valid reasons and particular consideration the exception can be applied to both Austrian and German Citizens.

Can parents and partners cross to visit?

Parents and partners are allowed to drive into Bavaria should they belong to that family circle, this applies to life partners, parents, siblings, grand –parents of the person or their significant other’s.

Can I travel to Austria to visit family/partner?

A written invitation to the Person or persons that you want to visit, with a statement of the reasons why your personal visit is necessary. An attached copy of the registration certificate of the Person. The Salzburger Land offers, an additional form, which needs to be filled that heightens the chances of gaining passage. This should make it easier for border control. Sometimes passage is not guaranteed just based on the wording of the letter of invitation, many people have been sent back.

Can I journey back to Germany after passage?

The journey back is more relaxed if you have residence in Germany but you are required to not stay longer than 48 hours in Austria. Doing otherwise you end up risking a 14 day quarantine.

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