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Coming to work in Germany: How to apply for recognition of foreign professional qualifications

If you would like to come to Germany to work with professional qualifications obtained abroad, you can seek the help of the Federal Office for Migration and Refugees (BAMF).


The first thing to do is to contact the hotline “Working and Living in Germany” for an initial consultation on the following number: + 49 30-1815-1111 (standard German landline tariffs apply).

The initial information concerning the recognition of foreign professional qualifications in Germany is provided in either German or English.

“Working and Living in Germany” will help you find the office responsible for the recognition process in your profession.

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The staff will explain to you how the process works, whom you should approach for a detailed and personal advisory interview and which documents you need.

You also have the option of sending your questions concerning the recognition of foreign professional qualifications to “Working and Living in Germany”. You can use a contact form available in German and English.

Click here to use the contact form.

You are advised to provide detailed information about your case to enable “Working and Living in Germany” give you appropriate information.

Click here to download flyer on recognition of foreign professional qualifications. It provides information about how the process works, how much it costs and the documents you need.