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Child benefit (Kindergeld) payment dates in April 2023

Child benefit (Kindergeld) payment dates in April 2023

Child benefit (Kindergeld) 2023. Kindergeld payment dates in April 2023. This coming month parents receiving Kindergeld will have to be patient. The child benefit is paid monthly at approximately the same time. However, things will be different this coming month. Here are the payment dates in April 2023:

From January 1, 2023, the amount of the benefit increased to 250 euros for each child. It will be paid as follows:

  • for 1 child: 250 euros
  • for 2 children: 500 euros
  • for 3 children: 750 euros
  • for 4 children: 1,000 euros
  • for 5 children: 1,250 euros

Who is entitled to Kinderzuschlag?

Kinderzuschlag is the supplement many parents are entitled to, and can be up to 250 euros. Parents whose income and savings are lower than the specified income criterion, will be granted the supplement. These criteria change every year, as families who were previously ineligible for the supplement are now entitled to it. This is especially true for middle income earners.

You are entitled to the Kinderzuschlag supplement if:

  • The child living in your house is under 25 and is not married or in a registered partnership.
  • You receive Kindergeld child benefit (or equivalent).
  • The gross income of the family is at least 900 euros (couples) or 600 euros (single parents).
  • You would have enough money to support your family if you received child benefit and possibly housing benefit on top of your income.

When should you expect the payment in April?

Due to the large number of public holidays in April this year, such as Easter, the payment of Child Benefit will be delayed. People with a number ending in 2 will not receive their money until a week after the number 0.

The date on which the Kindergeld together with any supplement will be transferred to the account depends on the last digit of the Kindergeldnummer. Here are the payment dates in March:

  • Last digit: 0 – 5 April
  • Last digit: 1 – 6 April
  • Last digit: 2 – 12 April
  • Last digit: 3 – 13 April
  • Last digit: 4 – 14 April
  • Last digit: 5 – 17 April
  • Last digit: 6 – 18 April
  • Last digit: 7 – 20 April
  • Last digit: 8 – 21 April
  • Last digit: 9 – 24 April

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