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8 changes in Germany in August 2021

From August 2021 there shall be new regulations/changes in Germany that will affect you. Here’s what’s changing and even when:

The deadline for submitting tax returns has been extended

From the 2018 fiscal year, a tax return in Germany must be filed annually by July 31 at the latest, but in 2021, due to the coronavirus pandemic, the federal government extended the deadline by three months.

Therefore, the last day for submitting the annual declaration is November 1, 2021 (in Baden-Württemberg, Bayern, Nordrhein-Westfalen, Rheinland-Pfalz, Saarland, it is a public holiday, therefore taxpayers from these federal states must submit a tax return by November 2, 2021).

Deutsch Bahn strike

On August 9, the German railways Deutsch Bahn announced a railroad strike, which may result in chaos throughout Germany. The main demand of the protesters will be a salary increase of several percent and the payment of a covid allowance of EUR 600 this year.

Kinderfreizeitbonus payout

The one-time bonus is €100 and is for low-income families. The benefit is intended to compensate for the effects of the coronavirus pandemic, which prevented children from attending school, meeting peers, developing their interests, and so on for many months. More on this topic HERE .

From August fingerprint ID

The European Union regulation imposes on member states, inter alia, obligation to enter a second bio-metric feature in identity cards, i.e. fingerprints. It is also about the necessity to adapt the model of the identity card to the specifications and minimum safety standards.

From August 2, this requirement will become mandatory in Germany. The introduction of two-fingerprints is to reduce the risk of document forgery and the risk of crimes against the credibility of documents.

Higher remuneration for internships in the painting industry

From August 1, 2021,  apprentices in the paint and varnish industry  will receive more money. In the first year of apprenticeship, the training allowance will be EUR 710, in the second, EUR 780, and in the third, EUR 945. In August 2022, the internship wage will increase again.

Increase in the minimum wage for masons and stone carvers

Stonemasons and sculptors in Germany will also receive a minimum wage increase from August 2021, which will increase to EUR 12.85 per hour. In 2022, the minimum wage in this industry will increase to EUR 13.35. The training allowance will also increase, amounting to:

  • 1st year of apprenticeship: 850 euros  (previously 530 euros)
  • 2nd year of apprenticeship: 950 euros  (previously 620 euros)
  • 3 years of internship: EUR 1100 (previously EUR 720).

Glyphosate prohibited for private use

From August 1, glyphosate for private use will not be allowed in Germany: in home gardens or allotments. From 2024, it is to be banned completely.

Lung cancer and osteoarthritis of the hip joint as occupational diseases

From August 1, 2021, lung cancer and osteoarthritis of the hip joint will be entered in the register of occupational diseases in line with changes in Germany centred around health.

As  reported by the Deutsche Handwerks Zeitung, lung cancer will be considered an occupational disease if an employee has been exposed to indiscriminate secondhand smoke at work and has never smoked.