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Where asylum seekers in Germany can find work and help with vocational training

If you are an asylum seeker in Germany and are looking for work, you can contact the Federal Employment Agency (BA) for help.

Apart from helping asylum seekers find work, the Federal Employment Agency (BA), which is the largest service provider in the labour market in Germany, can also help if they want to go for vocational training

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The agency’s staff will advise you in person and show you how and where you can work or go for vocational training.

If you have not yet received assistance from an employment agency or jobcentre, you should register with the Federal Employment Agency (BA) by clicking here.

All you have to do is provide your personal data, and information on what you can do (your qualifications and career experience).

Once you have entered your data, it will be forwarded to the relevant Employment Agency so that your chances of integration in training or employment can be examined.

It is very important for you to complete online this short CV and bring it with you to your appointment at the Employment Agency.

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