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Regularisation of irregular migrant workers in Italy: How to apply

The new measure approved by the Italian government will allow Italians and migrants in Italy working illegally to be regularised. It will be applicable to domestic workers and care assistants, and workers in the agricultural sector. The new measure allows migrants with expired permits working in the above sectors to regularise their status in the country. It also allows both migrants and Italians doing undeclared work to regularise their work status.

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How do I apply to be regularised?

The application for regularisation can be submitted by either the worker or the employer who wants to regularise their position. A foreign citizen who holds a resident permit which expired by 31st October 2019 can apply for regularisation and obtain a temporary permit valid for 6 months. If they manage to find a work contract within that six month period, they can apply to convert this temporary permit into a normal work permit.

The employer who wants to regularise their worker can submit an application by indicating the duration of the employment contract and the salary which must not be less than that provided for in the national collective agreement.

For each worker to be regularised, the employer must pay 400 euros plus a lump sum amount for tax and social security contributions.

In the case of migrant workers to be regularised, the Italian government must have acquired their biometric data before March 8, 2020.

Who cannot apply to be regularised?

Employers who in the last 5 years have been convicted of criminal offences including: abetting illegal immigration, exploitation of prostitution, exploitation of minors and gang mastering (Unlawful intermediation and labour exploitation), cannot apply. The same applies to foreigners who have been convicted of the above and to those who have been given expulsion orders.

The application for temporary resident permit will be submitted at the Immigration Office at the Provincial Police Headquarters (Questura) while that to regularise undeclared work will be submitted to the National Social Security Institute (INPS). Both applications must be submitted from June 1st to July 15th 2020.

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