Germany: A10 motorway, completely closed for two days

Germany A10 motorway closed

Between November 8 (23:00) and November 11 (21:00), the A10 motorway (north of the Berlin Ring) will be closed in both directions, for the construction of new railway bridges between the Pankow and Kreuz Oranienburg triangles, according to AISÖ – the working group of international road transport companies in Austria, informs Cargo Day.

Closure is associated with major restrictions, especially for heavy goods traffic.

“Please do not follow the recommendations of your navigation system, but always follow the signposted detour routes. There are 4 detours available to bypass the closure, ”AISÖ appeals to its members.

The following signalled diversion routes are available:

Route 1 from Hamburg to Frankfurt / Oder, Dresden

from Dreieck Kreuz Oranienburg via A111 (Berlin-Tegel) – A100 (city ring) – A113 (Schönefeld)

→ Route 2 from Hamburg in the direction of Prenzlau

from Dreieck Kreuz Oranienburg via B96 to Oranienburg-Nord / Sachsenhausen – L191 – B273 (Wandlitz) – A11

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