Extension of the lockdown in Germany, first arrangements after Merkel’s meeting with the prime ministers of the federal states

Extension of the lockdown in Germany. Merkel is meeting with the prime ministers of the federal states. What restrictions will apply until the end of January 2021 in Germany? Here’s what has already been established. 

As “Bild” learned unofficially, the head of the German government reached a compromise with the prime ministers of the federal states on several key issues regarding the extension of restrictions in Germany.

Restrictions on movement in Germany

According to “Bild”, in regions where the weekly coronavirus incidence rate is above 200 per 100 thousand. residents should not be allowed to move more than 15 km from their place of residence.

Special restrictions in Saxony and Thuringia 

During the meeting with Angela Merkel, the special situation of Saxony and Thuringia is discussed. Both German Länder are now the so-called pandemic hotspots and have specific travel restrictions.

Date of the extension of the lockdown in Germany

The video-conference between the German chancellor and representatives of the federal state governments continues. It is expected that the parties will agree by evening by when the restrictions to counter the coronavirus epidemic will be extended.


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