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Good Samaritans exist: Man spends all his savings to buy gas for nurses

Good Samaritans exist. This is the story of one of them. In this period, we are all worried and keen on how we spend our money fearing an unprecedented financial crisis.

There is however a man who has proved to the world that simple gestures mean a lot and that with a small amount saved for something we long for, we can in fact have a strong impact on many people’s lives.

Allen Marshall is a guy from Detroit, in the US. It took him long to save $900 (832 euros) which he was planning to use to buy a knife sharpening tool.

The COVID-19 outbreak made him change his mind and he decided to give up that plan. He instead chose to act in a very generous and surprising manner, donating that money in a unique way.

Marshall has been buying fuel for nurses in his area. With a beautiful white placard written: “Free Gas for Nurses” Marshall stands near a local petrol station where he waits and buys fuel for all the nurses who pass by. He plans to continue doing this until he spends all the money.

“With all that is going on with the coronavirus, I wanted to thank the essential workers the best way that I can,” Marshall said. “I really don’t need that tool and thought this was a better way to spend the money.”

He has already bought gas for nearly 30 people. “I just paid for gas for a nurse who works at the VA Hospital in Ann Arbor,” said Marshall. “He was on his way home from work and said he was happy to get off the exit ramp and receive free gas. Emotionally, there is no one there to thank them at work and this gesture helped him.”

Marshall believes it is important to let nurses know that they are offering a great service and that they are appreciated.

“It takes a small gesture to show people that we care about them,” said Marshall. “The nurses and first responders need help as well during this time, and I’m doing my part in making sure they are taken care of.”

Marshall is absolutely right. Simple gestures not only matter but do make many people happy. Just pause and think of how many people Marshall’s gesture made happy.

We should all borrow a leaf from Marshall and become good Samaritans.