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Challenges of being a model in Nigeria and tips for aspiring models

Many young people aspire to become models thinking it is a glamorous profession but that’s not always the case. Modelling, especially in African countries such as Nigeria is a big challenge, says Onyinyechi Ayanaugwu, a Nigerian model.


In an exclusive interview with AfroNews Germany, Ms Ayanaugwu reveals that most often models in Nigeria are underpaid, and work with both unqualified and inexperienced event organisers.

Such people, she says, lack creativity and passion for fashion.

Ms Ayanaugwu is 5.9ft tall and works with Jumfal Agency in Rivers State, Port Harcourt.

She is a runway model and has been modelling for two years.

Onyinyechi-Ayanaugwu5“I have great passion for modelling. I chose to be a model because I love it,” she says. “I’ve been dreaming of becoming a model since I was a kid.”

Ms Ayanaugwu’s future ambition is to become a well-known international top model before establishing her own modelling agency to help young people who would like to join the industry.

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Fashion is about creating something new, using old ideas to create something splendid, as well as knowing how to blend and manipulate colours to achieve an awesome outcome,” she says.

Ms Ayanaugwu is also a good hair beautician and a basketball player.

Onyinyechi-Ayanaugwu4She has some advice for newcomers. “They should never give up, they should not listen to those who discourage them, and they should have high self-esteem,” Ms Ayanaugwu says, adding that “they should persevere until they reach their objectives.”

Those who would like to become models “should have passion for modelling because without it, they can easily be deceived by peers who are jealous of their achievements,” Ms Ayanaugwu says.

She encourages upcoming models to be creative and always learn new things.

Asked to describe her ideal man, Ms Ayanaugwu says he should be a person who understands and loves her. He should also accept her with all her imperfections and respect her modelling work.

By Stephen Ogongo Ongong’a

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