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VIDEO: Seven things you should never do in Germany

Each country has its rules and traditions which all newcomers are expected to respect.

If you are new to Germany, then you should watch the following video by Dana Newman of Wanted Adventure to learn seven things you just shouldn’t do in the country.

Dana uses her personal experiences to explain in a very interesting manner the things you should never do in Germany.

Dana Newman
Dana Newman

Here are the seven things you just shouldn’t do in Germany

Do not walk or stand in the bike lane. Dana stresses that the “bike lanes here are scared, they are not for walking.

Do not bike in the wrong direction.

Don’t grill on the balcony of your apartment or at least not too often.

Don’t walk inside someone’s house with your shoes on.

Don’t wish someone a happy birthday before it is their birthday. “Wishing someone a happy birthday before their birthday is considered bad lack in Germany,” Dana says.

Do not cross the street on the red light especially if there are children around.

Don’t talk loudly on the U-Bahn – underground. “The Munich underground just seems so absolutely silent, I really noticed it the other day, people usually don’t talk on their phones and if they do it’s really quick – ‘oh I’m the underground I have to go ok’, they don’t listen to music without their headphones, they don’t yell to each other across the car,” Dana says.

From your experience in Germany, what are the other things one should never do?

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