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Nigerian Germany-based Nollywood actor Prince Ogugua Igwe’s daughter Amara Destiny Igwe becomes Badische champion 2022

Nollywood actor Prince Ogugua Igwe’s daughter Amara Destiny Igwe wins Badische champion 2022.

Africans in Germany. Nigerian Germany-based Nollywood actor Prince Ogugua Igwe’s daughter, Amara Destiny Igwe, wins the Badische under 16 licht-athletic competition in 7 different categories that took place in Germany.

The talented 14-year-old athlete featured in the Weitsprung, Hochsprung, 100m sprint, 80 Hurden, Speer, Kugelstoßen und 800m Marathon.

Prince Igwe granted Afronews an exclusive interview where he shed light on what this win means to him, his daughter and all young African women in the world.

How do you feel regarding your daughter’s win?

I would love to answer this by sharing some quotes very personal to me; what God can not do, does not exist!, your success depends absolutely on you.

I feel so proud to be the father of a champion and my heart is full of joy.

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How does Amara feel having won the Badische champion 2022?

She feels so happy to be a champion. The win means everything to her because it is her first big and high rated competition win.

How did she prepare and train for the competition?

She trains with her team 2 times a week. With me she does the same 1 or 2 times in a week, and on her own 2 times in a week. An hour to 2 hours on each training.

She is determined and has been training since she was 3 years old.

What advice would Amara give to other young African athletes like her who now look to her as a role-model?

Amara’s advise for other young African athletes is to never give up, trust in God and believe in yourself. Focus, determination and hard work are the keys. Never look on the size, colour or appearance of your opponent, just go there and give your best!

She likes running because it makes her happy and it is a very challenging sport.

Who is Amara Destiny Igwe?

Amara Destiny Igwe is a 14-year old athlete from Schönau in Schwarzwald, Germany who won the Badische Under-16 Licht-Athletic competition in 7 different categories.

She was born on the 14th of May 2008 to a Nigerian father and a German mother.