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How to overcome your daily challenges and achieve your objectives

The following are simple but effective things you can do every day to overcome the challenges in life and achieve your objectives.

Mr Samuel Philip Omordia
Mr Samuel Philip Omordia

1. Realize your content i.e. what you are made of because you are not “JUST IMPORTANT” but “VERY IMPORTANT”.

2. Live your everyday of life for God because when the economy of man fails, when your skills fail, God can never fail.

3. Activate the power of your mind; many dreams died and are still dying because they lack ideas. (Phil 2:15) “Create ideas and develop them”.

4. Live your everyday life with purpose.

5. The day you stop trying, that’s the day you start failing. Never postpone any dream or give heed to ignorance because it kills potentials and frustrates aspirations.

6. Lastly, the power of skills: learn a skill because it will take you far where others don’t have opportunities to go to.

By Samuel Philip Omordia

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