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Nine important things to know about foods and drinks in Germany

Deutsche Welle (DW) has prepared a very interesting and important article outlining nine important things to know about eating and drinking in Germany.


It is a very important read for all newcomers to Germany. If you are an asylum seeker, a new refugee or immigrant in Germany, we strongly recommend you read this article by DW’s Matthias von Hein summing up some important facts about foods and drinks in Germany.

It provides detailed information about Alcohol/Beer; Bread; Sausage; Döner kebabs; Barbecuing; Water/Tap water; Shopping; Special dietary requirements and Fasting.

For instance, it is important to know that alcohol is legal in Germany. “The traditional place for drinking beer is the local “Kneipe,” Germany’s equivalent of a bar or pub. Drinking is a part of daily life for many adults. The most popular alcoholic drink in Germany is beer. On average, Germans drink over 100 liters per year,” Matthias von Hein writes.

It is equally important to note that in Germany, “it is illegal to drive a car or ride a bike under the influence of alcohol.”

One of German’s favourite foods is sausage. “There are an estimated 1,500 different types of sausage in the country. An ordinary supermarket might have about 100 types on sale. On average, Germans eat about 30 kilograms of sausage every year. This is almost half of their overall consumption of meat. Sausages tend to be made from pork, but it is possible to buy beef, lamb or poultry sausages in Germany, as well as ones made from tofu for vegetarians.”

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