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Nigerian man in Germany accused of murder, killed his ex girlfriend leaving two children – IMAGES

Nigerians in Germany: A Nigerian man Endurace E. (22) is being charged with manslaughter after the murder of his ex girlfriend, Frances, by suffocation. She is also the mother of his two children ages 2 and 3.

The case: Nigerians in Germany, man murders ex girlfriend suffocation:

On March 19 the Nigerian man went to fetch his son from the day care centre in Neuenrade and brought him to his ex’s apartment where they had a heated argument.

This is what Endurance reported to the police in an emergency call to them where he accused her of being overwhelmed with the children.

Frances aka Tunidad U. pulled a knife to defend herself which injured her upper arm during a fight they had and during the scramble, Endurance managed to seize the knife and stabbed her several times in the face. He then proceed to suffocate the woman.

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Endurance U. who is the murderer and the father of the two children.

In a panic and upon realising his actions, he called the police emergency line and asked for help quick! (read more below)

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Victim of murder Tunidad Frances U. (24) who has no left two children behind.
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A picture of the two children (2,3) posted by their mother Frances on Instagram.

BILD‘ reported that the man had said, “The officer found it difficult to find out what had happened. “My wife is on the floor. Dead. We have a fight, ”he kept repeating. The recording was played in the Evidence.

Rescue workers tried to bring the woman back to life but the effort was in vain. The children did not notice any of the crime as they were found both asleep.

The defendant initially refused to comment on the prosecution’s allegations. His defence lawyer Andreas Trode (59, Iserlohn) to BILD: “He will make a confession at a later date.” The children are now living with foster parents, the process continues.

Source: BILD