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Nigerian man who attacked policeman while being deported faces 4 years in prison

UPDATE: The Nigerian man who was rejected asylum in Germany and tried to attack a police man with a kitchen knife to escape deportation is now been sentenced to 4 years in prison by the the Munich Regional Court.

Background story:

The 39-year-old Kingsley C. from Nigeria was supposed to leave Germany in 2017. But it wasn’t until October 2019 that Munich police officers moved out to enforce the deportation. The African struggled and attacked a female officer with a knife. Now a court official described the dramatic life and death struggle we wrote about it here>>.

Kingsley C. has hardly any schooling, no job, not a word of German, no criminal record. The allegations against him: attempted manslaughter, attempted dangerous bodily harm, resistance to law enforcement officers in a particularly serious case.

He is said to have violently opposed his deportation in Munich in 2019, taking six police officers by surprise. It is a miracle that no official was killed.

Kingsley C. did not have the right to reside permanently in Germany. You could also say: He has been living here illegally, and has been for six years since November 17th, 2014.

He sobbed, cried, trembled, pleaded, begged. “I’m not a criminal. I didn’t want to kill anyone ”, the 39-year-old Kingsley C. from Nigeria asserted again and again and folded his hands in prayer. In the “name of the Lord”, the deeply believing Christian called out to the judge and everyone else in hearing room B 175: “Close me in your heart!”

The African was actually locked up after the trial – in a prison cell.

Source: Afronews,