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Nigerian man begs to be deported from Europe after being stranded for five years

A Nigerian man who has been living in Italy and Germany illegally is pleading for help to return home as life he says, has not been comfortable for him. The Nigerian man has been stranded in Europe for five years.

The man known as Elijah Amusan is pleading with the Nigerian government to assist him get back home from the life in Europe which he says has not been comfortable for him.

Elijah Amusan shared a 2-minute video in which he can be heard begging the Nigerian government for deportation. He previously lived in Germany before moving to Italy where he has been living for five years without documents.

Elijah explains that he travelled to Italy in 2016 and has tried on several occasions to regularise his status in the country without success. He later moved to Germany where he currently is, but desires to return home, reported Sahara Reporters.

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“My name is Elijah Amusan. I came to Italy in 2016. I have tried to get my documents since 2016 to no avail. I tried getting a lawyer as well to help me get my documents, I couldn’t obtain the documents,” he says in the video. reported that Elijah claims that he has signed documents for his deportation to Nigeria, but the government has denied him the opportunity, while others like him have been deported already.

Reacting to the story, a Facebook user identified as Hon Bayo Adeagbo wrote: “I know him… I’m sure he will be rescued… This is pathetic!”

Another user by the name Oladele Adewole commented: “Please, please and please, O. D .U let us do something to rescue Elijah back home. Thank you sirs.”

Source:,, Sahara reporters