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Meet Terry Chocolate, one of the best African radio presenters in Germany

Terry Chocolate, also known as Proud Chocolate, is one of the most successful African radio presenters in Germany. She is the founder and CEO of Proud Chocolate Radio based in Hamburg.

The lady who is originally from Kenya, hosts superb audio-visual entertaining and inspiring programs every day.


’m yet to see a radio presenter who not only has but actually transmits such infectious passion to the audience.

Terry Chocolate was named the 9th most inspiring Kenyan in the Diaspora by African Warrior Magazine in 2017.

She plays beautiful African music and is an exceptional dancer.

What makes her programs outstanding is the choice of topics. Every day she focuses on an issue affecting Africans in diaspora and back home.

She is one of the few African celebrities courageous enough to constantly criticise her fans’ bad behaviours and challenge them to improve.

Nyabungu Thomsen, Terry Chocolate’s fan in Atlanta, Georgia – USA describes her as “the pioneer of audio-visual streaming.”

Nyabungu who has been a fan of Terry Chocolate for several years now, admires her authentic real life stories especially those on challenges people face while living overseas. “She has a pure gift for storytelling and simplifying complex topics. There is a disconnect between diaspora and families in Kenya and I find her relevant in bridging that gap by telling experiences that make people at home have an idea of what it means to live abroad. She has highlighted issues like relationships, marriage, motherhood, relatives, friendships.”

Nyabungu adds that Terry Chocolate’s stories have the powers to uplift you through dark winters and lonely evenings.

Terry Chocolate addresses issues people are shy to talk about. “I talk about things that will encourage you in your life, things that will strengthen you before you leave your country to join the diaspora. I also share stories from the young people, especially Africans – boys and girls who have made it in life from very, very difficult backgrounds,” Terry Chocolate says.

If you need facts about life in diaspora, if you need to listen to inspiring stories and if you need to enjoy hot African music, you can catchup with Terry Chocolate on her Facebook page. You can also listen to Proud Chocolate Radio on TuneinApp and subscribe to her YouTube channel.

By Stephen Ogongo Ongong’a